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Over Half of All Americans want a 3rd Party

After the GOP gave members John McCain in 2008,  over half of all Republicans, 52% ,  want a 3rd Party and candidates that will more closely align to their true conservative values.

The Gallup poll released Monday, also found that 33
percent of Democrats want a third party. Gallup said it’s the first time its
polls have found a significantly larger number of Republicans than Democrats
favoring a third party.

The poll found that 52 percent of all Americans
want a third party, down slightly from 58 percent in August.

Gallup said  the increasing desire among Republicans for a third party could be an outgrowth  of the rise of the tea party movement. The poll found 60 percent of Americans who identify themselves as tea party members want a new party.

Given that a majority of Americans see a need for a third party, and their level of
satisfaction with the way things are going in the country is fairly low, it
would not be surprising if a third-party candidate emerged as a factor in the
2012 presidential race, Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones wrote.

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