Free Speech or Breaking the Law ?

If a woman holds up a sign letting the public know a speed trap is ahead
and gets drivers to slow down, is that any different than police ticketing citizens
to get them to slow down?

The police and city lose out on fine money. Money seems to be the difference.

Is this Free Speech?  Is this protected? Why or why not ?

Let us know what you think ?

6 Responses to Free Speech or Breaking the Law ?

  • The technicality used here to arrest the girl is that under Texas law, standing in the street when there is a sidewalk next to you is a misdemeanor. Obviously the girl is on the sidewalk and she was arrested under a false charge. Reportedly the police threatened to arrest her under the felony charge of obstructing justice as well. This is another example of police abuse of power, something which happens all the time. And the vast majority of the time the police get away with it.

  • This is clearly free speech to me. After watching the video, it’s clear it is also free speech to the police who may now be lying about her causing a road hazard by showing the sign while walking in the roadway (according to her, she remained on the sidewalk). Also, I’m not sure the police had the right to search her backpack for the sign she had been waving. What was the point to that search? If she was just illegally walking on the highway, they could have just arrested her for that… no need to search her backpack!

    I believe we now live in an out-of-control welfare/warfare/Police State, which our Founding Fathers would have been very, very upset with. This is an example of the 3rd part of that out-of-control country we now live in today!

  • somebody IN Texas ( with the knowledge ) needs to step up and help this woman
    properly sue the city for all the wrongs they committed. Does Terry Ingram have a
    double in TX? Does anyone reading this know anyone in Texas that can find out?

    Otherwise talking about it will accomplish absolute SHIT.

  • There are two problems here – the apparent violation of this woman’s free speech and subsequent lack of due process is one. Assuming her story is correct, there is a second problem which is the damage to the credibility of our law enforcement. If she was falsely arrested, the officer should be suspended and fined, at minimum and if he does this again, dismissed permanently.

  • From Mark Adams:

    The “law” enforcer should be arrested for violating her rights under color of law which is a felony, and therefore, she could have used all reasonable force to defend herself, including deadly force.

    By the way, Indiana just passed a special law clarifying this right to defend against tyrannical “law” enforcers. See
    and don’t miss Mark Adam’s comment.

  • Your interpretation of the law is very funny. She broke the law, she walked on the street and was arrested for that. So what?
    If you try to interfere with the law you’re belong into the jail.

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