It happened at 2012 GOP state conventions. Now its happened at the Republican National Convention. Are you the least bit surprised?

If you want to know what really happened inside the Republican National Convention, take the time to review this entire post.

First, lets revisit just five of several Republican state conventions earlier this year that appeared to have rule violations.

In Missouri

In Maine

In Louisiana

In Georgia

In North Dakota

If this happened on the state levels, don’t you think the same could happen at the Republican National Convention?

At the Constitution Party of Florida, we posted the day before the Republican National Convention started that it could and might even lead to riots. Follow this post to see it with your own eyes.

The media outright anointed Mitt Romney the Republican Presidential candidate months ago and that has been obvious to most Americans. What is the problem with that? Well, the Republican candidate does not get officially nominated until the Republican National Convention.

Did Romney really win the Nomination ?

According to the reports below, the Republican Party began changing their own rules leading up to the convention to favor the media annointed candidate very late in the game, after state delegates had already long been seated. In the last few weeks its been reported that if a candidate had a majority of delegates in 5 states then that candidate, Ron Paul in this case, could be nominated for President on the convention floor. Also, RNC rule # 38 appears to state that delegates are not bound to vote for ANY particular candidate – which would mean that the delegates are complete free agents at this weeks Republican National Convention and able to vote for anyone nominated. Perhaps this is why the Republican Party changed rules and wanted to ensure no one else would be nominated ?

Then, several state delegations, including Maine, were refused to be properly seated at the Republican National Convention. Can you imagine properly duly elected state delegates not being seated at the Republican National Convention? Why would the Republican Party do that?

Republican states: “Why would someone want to be in a party that does not follow their own Rules?”

Ben Swann of Reality Check takes a look at how the RNC was attempting to change the 5 state rule and decredential the entire Maine delegation only 4 days before the Republican National Convention

Ben Swann confronts Mitt Romney regarding the rule changes and delegate issue. Do you believe Romney really has no knowlege of any of it?

So what ended up happening at the Republican National Convention?

Here is the video that seemingly shows the GOP “pre-determining” the vote on whether or not to accept “new rule changes” at the last minute in order to exclude candidate Ron Paul from having a chance of being nominated on the Republican National Convention Party floor.

Now, even Pro-Romney state delegates are deciding that they cannot stand idly by as other states get railroaded and our democratic process is trampled.

Listen at the 3 minute mark, there are now 14 States joining together declaring grievances. May God bless them.

Republican delegates and their state committees are gathering their forces to fight the apparent corruption that the highest levels of the Republican Party seemingly committed when they seemingly “pre-determined” the outcome of voting on new rule changes. The corruption was captured on a teleprompter with the outcome of the vote seemingly being “pre-determined” and then parroted by House Speaker John Boehner. This was a complete disgrace to our Republic.

The Constitution Party of Florida was created to defend The Declaration of Independance, The Constitution of the United States of America, defend your constitutional rights, educate and unite the citizenry in historical truth and elect constitutional representatives that have vowed to do the same.

Please join us and support us if you feel the same.

Constitution Party of Florida

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3 Responses to It happened at 2012 GOP state conventions. Now its happened at the Republican National Convention. Are you the least bit surprised?

  • I will never vote within the Republican party again or until there is major changes across the board and I don’t see that happening !

  • The criminals in politics are destroying or have destroyed our country.

  • I went into September convinced that Romney’s only hope for winning in November was to UNIFY the Republican Party. Well, not only did he NOT unify it — he and his faction took a meat cleaver to the GOP and brutally hacked it to pieces.

    I’m not a Ron Paul supporter for President (he’s too much of a Neville Chamberlain type on Islamic terrorism, and his libertarian views on drugs are ludicrous), but the Republican Establishment’s treatment of the Paul faction disgusts me. In my opinion, the RNC has lost the election for him.

    Now, it’s do-or-die time for Christians and conservatives to find an alternative. Clearly, Obama is a Marxist radical just waiting for a second term to usher us into a nightmarish tyranny, complete with martial law and active FEMA-camp interments of tens of millions of ‘bourgeoise’ dissenters. Romney’s revealed as a dictator who is every bit as ruthless. So, when it comes down to the Establishment’s question, “Which dictator wins your vote?” — my answer is now “NONE OF THE ABOVE!”

    Bring on the Constitution Party!

    Lord God, help us all.

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