Sheriffs Around the Nation Warn Feds they WILL NOT enforce New Gun Regulations

Oregon Sheriff states He will defend his constituents and the 2nd Amendment. He will not infringe on the right of Americans to defend themselves from criminals, which includes those in government.

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Brave Men and Women of Law Enforcement from around the nation are making stands against tyranny and an overbearing, overspending, power grabbing, out of control Federal Government. It has become very obvious to anyone versed in world and American history that this generation has brought about the worst slide into fascism that our nation has ever experienced. Fascism is when money and government are in bed together and government is directed by banks, industry and money rather than the directions of We the People. Gun control statistics prove that taking guns from law abiding citizens does not thwart violent crime but rather increases it and disarms victims for criminals.
Gun Control history shows it opens the door for government tyrants to grab power andf for the potential for democide.

It is obvious that both major parties are run from the top down and not the bottom up. It has become obvious that Presidents and leaders of both parties are just puppets and pawns to the Federal Reserve, banks, the military industrial complex and the powerful few that are now pushing us toward world government. World Goverment will be 1/10 of 1 % controlling the other 99.99 % of us. Technology is allowing this to happen and without a strong pushback now, Americans and the world will not stand a chance against this happening.

We the People were supposed to always remain as powerful and more powerful than the Federal Government. Period. Otherwise, there is no way to enforce and maintain our Representative Form of Government. That is no longer the case. We the People have allowed an over-encroaching Federal Government to incrementally dwindle away our power and grab more power of their own. There are between 300 and 20,000 gun laws on the books and they have not “stopped evil”. Will more guns do it? Or will being prepared to defend yourself do it? And at the same time prevent the possiblity of democide? Democide is the act of governments killing their own populations. There has been over 170 MILLION killed at the hands of their own governments in just the last 100 years. Lets not reject the Founders wisdom and open the door for more.

Missouri Bill Proposes Jail Time for Feds Violating the 2nd Amendment

Missouri Bill Proposes Jail Time for Feds Violating the 2nd Amendment

Below, Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman asks: “If threatened, would you rather your teacher wife have a phone in her hand or a gun?”

Peyman said he is concerned that new gun control laws could lead to bans and even the confiscation of guns. “American citizens already have given up too much power over guns,” he said. Peyman said citizens in his county need guns for defense. “I’m for people defending themselves,” he said. “There are some places in this county that takes me 45 minutes to get to. If they have a gun, they could do a better job of defending themselves than waiting for me.” He added “We are a constitutional office and will uphold the Constitution.”

Please help Floridians and the Constitution Party of Florida determine which of the 67 county sheriffs are willing to stand firm like Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman. Meet with your county sheriff and report back to us what he says in terms of upholding his oath of office to defend and uphold the United States Constitution and every person’s God given right to protect and defend themselves and their families. Please leave a comment below for all readers to see. The more each county sheriff is posed this question the more they will understand its importance to you and your neighbors.

Oregon and Texas Officials warn White House against enforcing new gun regulations

Oregon and Texas Officials Warn White House against enforcing new gun regulations

Please forward this to your county sheriff and ask him if he intends to honor his oath of office to defend you, your family and the residents of your county from an over encroaching, over spending, tyrannical federal government. Please leave comments below regarding responses you get from your county sheriffs.

Learn more about Gun Control Myths and the History of Gun Control here

Gun Control Myths and the History of Gun Control

Texas Bill: 2nd Amendment is “Inviolate,” Criminal Charges for Feds who Violate it

Texas Bill – 2nd Amendment is Inviolate. Criminal charges to Feds who violate it.

Oregon Sheriff Tim Mueller

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  • They continue to weaken our rights with more and more executive orders. I dont think thats what Our Forefathers had in mind. Leaders were to keep rights up to date, not change or alter them. When will the American people wake up? When its too late? Lets elect real leaders not career politicians.


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