More Government Tyranny: Drones in America

The Founding Fathers of our nation created a representative form of government that was to be operated and controlled by We the People. The President is a servant of We the People, placed in office by We the People to represent We the People – not a King to Lord over us with our Lives. That holds true for all government officials – they are servants to the American People. We the People are the Masters of our government servants.

How have We the People gotten to the point that we are allowing our SERVANTS, to become judge, jury and executioners over US? How have We the People given up the protections that The Bill of Rights provides to us? The answer? We have been dumbed down in schools with virtually no mention of our history or unalienable rights in our upbringing. “In the Social Studies sectoin of the 6th grade Iowa Basics Test, 12 of the 42 questions (29%) deal with environmental issues. The number of quesitons on subjects relating to the U.S. Constitution, any President, any explorer, any U.S. Leader, any wars involving the U.S., basic rights of life, liberty, or property, importance of free enterprise, meaning of democracy or republic, and geography – are all 0.” (Source: Which Way America? )

There are two fundamental aspects of the U.S. criminal justice system: The presumption that the defendant is innocent, and the burden on the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. But criminal defendants have other rights, too, including the rights to: •remain silent •confront witnesses •have a public trial •have a jury trial •have a speedy trial •be represented by an attorney •receive adequate representation •not be tried twice for the same offense – double jeopardy.

The Constitution Party of Florida believes allowing drones to be flown over the citizenry, the constitutional lawful rulers of our government servants, is a foolhardy slippery slope that grants our servants a tremendous amount of unnecessary and unbridled power that will no doubt unleash more tyranny. We believe this also violates Posse Comitatus.


The Constitution Party of Florida believes allowing our servants to have control of drones will be a game changer in our ability to retain our Constitutional representative form of government. We believe all state and local governments must push back hard now or this and future generations will be enslaved to our servants.

In Seattle, Mayor Mike McGinn agrees and killed the Police Drone Program after Outcry from the Community. The Mayor stated “this was a pretty easy decision. We needed to focus on the most important issues of fighting crime and building community”. Lets hope more leaders understand this.

We the People 1, Skynet 0.

VERY IMPORTANT, AT THE :50 SECOND MARK – “IN 2010, USING DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY GRANT FUNDS” (again, its obvious to the Constitution Party of Florida who is pushing drones on local government and who ultimately could be utilzing these drones one day in “an emergency”)

How powerful are Drone Cameras?
The ARGUS array is made up of several cameras and other types of imaging systems. The output of the imaging system is used to create extremely large, 1.8GP high-resolution mosaic images and video.




Dear Florida Sheriff Association

I received this email below today.
We at the Constitution Party of Florida do not agree with flying drones over Florida or America. We believe Posse Comitatus prevents this. We are also concerned regarding arrangements law enforcement commands might have regarding “emergencies” and if agreements have been made for DHS to take command. I read your argument below.


The 2nd Amendment was not just created and formed with only guns in mind. It was written with the intent that the Government would never get so powerful that We the People could not rise up against it and make proper changes to ensure a representative form of government and thwart tyranny. Government has grown well beyond this. The Founders feared a large powerful central government so much that they did not even want a standing army, for fear that it would become too powerful and could be used against We the People. Putting drones in our skies makes whatever We the People still have as weapons pea shooters. You and the Florida Sheriff Association know this. There is absolutely no need for drones in Ameirca. None. Unless you just want to keep pouring more and more power into government hands.

Combine drones with now “safety road blocks with no probable cause” by FHP, intrusive Smart Meters and Smart chips in all new appliances that allow power companies, government and law enforcement to know every move at your home – including when you are usually home or not – and the 4th Amendment is truly non existent.

The Constitution Party of Florida believes that without much pushback and enforcement by We the People now, future generations will have no rights whatsoever. Please make your decisions with future generations in mind.

Based on the true intent of the Founders and the 2nd Amendment, please reconsider your position regarding drones.


Mark Pilling
Constitution Party of Florida


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Florida Senator: “Imagine if King George had sent a drone to hover over the Boston Tea Party”

Lawmaker fights against law enforcement use of spy craft

Steve Watson Feb 7, 2013

Among the several States poised to pass legislation to prohibit the use of spy drones is Florida, where a bill to ban the unmanned craft advanced this week, despite the lobbying efforts of law enforcers.

The Community Affairs Committee of the State Senate unanimously approved a bill to ban drones, refusing to water it down by making exceptions for crowd control purposes.

Sheriff’s department representatives and lobbyists for the Florida Sheriffs Association argued that it would save money to use drones, rather than helicopters, to monitor crowds over large scale events such as football games.

“We do not want to use the drone to fly over people’s houses, seeing what they’re doing in their backyards,” Orange County Sheriff’s Capt. Michael Fewless told the committee.

“They have no firearms on them,” Fewless said. “We can’t blow people up. The only thing we can do is take a picture.”

The argument prompted a stern retort from the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Joe Negron.

“We know something about crowds,” Negron said. “We had a crowd back in the 1700s. It was called the Boston Tea Party. Can you imagine if King George had sent a drone to hover over the Boston Tea Party to see what the American patriots were up to?”

Negron added, that people are fully aware of helicopters because they can see and hear them, where as drones operate more effectively for surveillance purposes.

“Helicopters yes, drones no, because we have to draw lines,” Negron said. “That is what legislating is all about.”

“What we’re talking about here is Big Brother and the idea that Big Brother is watching,” commented Sen. Geraldine Thompson, a Democrat from Orlando.

The bill has to advance through three more committees before it will be considered for a floor vote. The Florida House version of the bill is set to be debated in a hearing Thursday.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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