Lobbyist: Use Drones to Kill on U.S. Soil

Listen closely as this drone lobbyist apparently lets his ultimate goal of being able to use drones to kill here in the United States out of the bag. He is representing a trade organization that represents 80 companies with a taxable revenue of $120 million dollars.

Testifying against a bill that would require additional regulation on the use of unmanned drones in Washington state, industry lobbyist Paul Applewhite admits his own concerns for privacy from an overzealous government. Applewhite then shocks a House Committee hearing when he said that drones had been used for “indiscriminate killings” around the world and argued that the technology should also be approved for lethal force here in the United States.

Applewhite states “to have this technology to just simply put over a school to say we’ve got this school safe for now where we can tell if someone is coming in”. Obviously Applewhite is not referring to just having video survellence on the drone because that would in no way “have this school safe for now”. Rather, Applewhite is illustrating that if drones in America have lethal force, then they can be used to “protect large areas” and operators can make life and death decisions here in America while they are in cities miles away or even around the world.

Its obvious to leadership at the Constitution Party of Florida that continuing to hand unnecessary unbridled power to our civil servants puts them in the role of master rather than servant.

Applewhite states “we give our police, our law enforcement officials…each one of them has lethal force on their hip….we give them the judgement to be able to pull this thing out and use it, up to and including lethal force. Why is this technology (lethal force by drone) so much different?”. The answer is that We the People, the rightful masters of our nation, do not have lethal force drones. The Founders would never have allowed the servants to own weaponry the masters did not. Period. The Founders were so afraid of a powerful tyrannical central government they did not even want a standing army for fear it could come against We the People.

The Founders intent of the 2nd Amendment
was for We the People to always retain MORE FORCE than that of the government and our servants.

Did the people have more force than the government during George Washington’s administration? Absolutely. In those days, We the People held the firepower, were the army/militia and masters of the nation. Is this the case today? No. Today, there is an over-reaching, over-spending federal government with a powerful standing army. There is a recently formed Department of Hoemeland Security that now has about 4 hollow point bullets per American. And, on top of all this, our servants are pushing to DISARM We the People - the rightful masters of our nation. Its obvious to those in the Constitution Party of Florida that our servants are aspiring to be our masters.

We the People need to stop handing unnecessary unbridled power to our civil servants.

We the People need to follow the intent of the Founders and the true intent of the 2nd Amendment which is to always retain MORE FORCE than the government.

If We the People give all the weapons and technology to the servants, who will really be the master?

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