NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says We are on the verge of Turnkey Tyranny.

Edward Snowden was living a privileged life in Hawaii making $200,000 a year. What made him give it all up to spill the beans on the tyrannical actions of the NSA ? Snowden states “I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things”.

“The Greatest Fear that I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change. People will see in the media all these disclosures and know the lengths the government is going to grant themselves powers unilaterally to create greater control over American Society and Global Society.”

“A new leader will be elected, they will flip the switch, say that “because of the crisis and dangers we face in the world today, some new and unpredicted threat, we need more authority we need more power”. And there will nothing the people can do to oppose it at that point. It will be Turnkey Tyranny.”

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    Protestors to Accuse Obama Administration of Increasing “Police-State Tactics;” and the Press of Docility From Government Intimidation—Resulting in Loss of Citizens’ Civil Liberties

    Demonstrators Contend There is a Growing Militarization of US Society By Military’s New Control of Domestic Spying (NSA), Domestic Drones (run by the military now) and Type of Armed Forces Training, SWAT Equipment and Automatic Weapons Provided to Local Police and Sheriff’s Nationwide


    Effective Immediately, Friday, June 7, 2013

    Contact: Brian P. Moore, 352-686-9936 or Cell 352-585-2907

    The NatureCoast Coalition for Peace and Justice is holding an “anti-spying” and “anti-police state tactics” demonstration next Friday, June 14th, from 3 PM to 4:30 PM, in front of the local Verizon and ATT telecommunications stores, in Spring Hill, Florida, 34606, Hernando County.

    Both parent telecommunication companies have been exposed by whistleblowers for colluding with the federal government in spying on all Americans’ telephone calls since 2007. Their local stores are situated on the west side of Commercial Way (US Highway 19 So.), one-third of a mile apart, in front of the large Nature Coast Commons Mall (which houses JC Penny, Sports Authority, Ross, etc.).

    The demonstration will begin in front of the Verizon Store, and after 45 minutes, demonstrators will then walk north, one-third of a mile, to the AT&T store location on the same side of the highway.

    The Coalition is inviting the public from adjoining counties of Pasco, Citrus, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties to participate, plus, it is making an extended effort to invite the more conservative groups who have had a growing concern about the threat to Americans’ civil liberties. The peace coalition is asking local Tea Party members, 9/12ers, Hernando Liberty Group, Constitution and Libertarian parties, and those involved the recent “Occupy” efforts locally to both participate and co-sponsor the upcoming demonstration.

    This protest stems from reports that the National Security Agency (NSA), which is a branch of the military, based in Fort Meade, Maryland, along with the FBI, have been spying on all Americans since 2007 under the renewed Patriot Act of 2001, and through the use of FISA, which permits warrantless surveillance and collection of electronic data, intended for foreign activity, but now concentrating on American citizens.

    Brian Moore, coordinator of The NatureCoast Coalition, said that the peace group is concerned about the “growing police state tactics in the United States, under both the Bush II and Obama administrations.” Americans, are concerned about the threat to its loss of privacy and civlil liberties in America, especially under the fourth amendment to the US Constitution. The increase of spying on Americans, via telephones, credit cards and the internet; plus the growing encroachment of domestic drones that are now under the auspices of the military, have become additional threats to Americans’ freedoms and liberties. Coalition members feel that the United States congress as a whole, and Presidents Bush II and Obama, are “creating a climate of fear in this country in order to silence dissent and intimidate civilians and journalists,” and also for political leaders of both major political parties not to be held accountable for their violations of all citizens’ constitutional rights and freedoms.

    What is also becoming worrisome, added Moore, is the “growing militarization of the domestic communication infrastructure and of society in general.” These actions of surveillance and spying, under the auspices of military institutions, and also the increasing use of military training and type of military equipment and automatic weapons now being used by local police forces and county sheriff departments are additional signs of an armed forces presence, controlling the country and limiting Americans’ freedoms.

    The press and media, have also “become docile” in its monitoring of the political establishment; and tolerant if not supportive of government policies, wars, and constitutional threats, instead of challenging such offenses. The Fourth Estate has not held officials accountable to the abuse and misuse of Americans’ laws and rights, resulting in threats to and loss of individuals’ freedoms and liberties.

    Verizon is located at 1385 Commerical Way (US Highway 19 So.), at the corner of Pepper Street. Its’ store is in a mini-plaza adjacent to Cracker Barrel and Denny’s Restaurants, and across the street from a new Mobile Gas station, where Greyhound buses stop.

    The AT&T store is located just up the same road (1/3 of a mile) at 1879 Commercial Way (US Highway 19), on the corner of Spring Hill Drive (across the street from a waterfall). It is in a similar mini-plaza facing US Highway 19, adjacent to a Game Store.

    Demonstrators plan to stand on the side of US Highway 19, in front of the stores, but adjacent to the busy road, for more visibility.

    There are easy, visible and accessible parking spaces on all sides of the streets and highways for both store locations.


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