5 Tips On Having Better Shower Sex

There are so many appealing things to having shower sex, but so many people fear injuring themselves or having it be a complete nightmare, but that’s not entirely accurate. These tips will help you have a magical sexy shower experience that this will end up being your favorite place to have sex. Once you get the hang of it, the hot water and environment will add so much more of a sexual dynamic to your routines.

1. Foreplay Before Getting In:

Whether it be on the bed or having her go in first to do a little strip tease, it’s important to set the mood and get the blood flowing. There isn’t entirely enough room for both of your to be under the steamy hot water so make sure you’re all hot and bothered before hopping in. Making sure you get wet and the party started before is important to set the mood to help one another reach climax faster.

2. Have A Go To First Position:

You would think you’re first to going to would be missionary but you are now standing, and all of the positions are now much trickier. Figure out your favorite positions and decide on the one you’re going to master first, so there isn’t any confusion on positioning.

Things can get a little hectic once you step into the hot zone so make sure you’re still communicating as best as possible once you’re in so that both parties are equally satisfied and being pleasured.

3. Have The Right Props:

There are many different shower accessories that you can buy or only make to make this a better experience. Unless you’re the same height, making sure you’re able to do the damn thing it’s important to have some step or leverage to match up perfectly down there. Also bringing in handcuffs can make the whole situation even more exhilarating, adding a slight bondage appeal. There would be velcro cuffs available online if you wanted a firmer grasp and less of a hassle of using metal ones which will make the whole scenario a little easier.

4. Use Lube:

Just because you’re technically wet due to being in the shower doesn’t mean that she’s entirely wet down there. Sometimes the excess water ends up leaving her drier down there needing the extra lubrication which should be available. There’s nothing wrong in making the situation more slippery and wet all over so make sure to bring a bottle into the shower beforehand, so the mood isn’t ruined by the lack of arousal.

5. Don’t Wash Hair:

As sweet as it sounds, do not be washing each other’s hair before having sex. It doesn’t matter what you do after, and I’m all about washing each other’s body but leave the hair alone! Once shampoo and soap get into your hair, then soap will most likely get into your eyeballs causing chaos and ruining the mood. Also, the ladies will end up looking like raccoons for the majority of the time because their makeup will be running, nothing sexy about that.

Check out the video below for more info on shower sex!